Approachable Finance have recently acquired and moved into a new office – we are now situated on the main street of Cross Hills making it easier than ever to see our clients current and new.

Our new address is: 24 Main Street, Cross Hills BD20 8TF

If you are familiar with the Cross Hills area, then you probably have heard of the very succussful florist, Anne Russell, after 20 years of running the shop she decided it was time to retire and spend more time with family. We bought the shop from her and set about renovating the space into a modern and spacious office. 

The former florist looks different now as we have opened the space by knocking down the central supporting wall and blocking up the door behind. The first picture below was taken before Christmas and the building needed time to 'settle' as the wall had probably been there for over 100 years!


old wall picture Dec 2017   wall removed Dec 2017

After much work by our builders, plumbers and electricians the office was ready to have a new window fitted.... As can been seen in the picture, it is a very large space!

window removed from the front of the shop Feb 2018      Final shop frontage March 2018 2

Once the window and the door were fitted, finishing touches could be completed on the plasterwork, plumbing, joinery and the electrics.

After 3 months of renovations, we have managed to transform the former florist into a thoroughly modern office.

handover date 01 24 Nov 2017     final main office March 2018

If you have any financial queries, please do not hesitate to pop in. We have tea/coffee and biscuits waiting!

Chris Dixon 

Director of Approachable Finance & Approachable Locum Insurance