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Financial Advice for Medical Professionals

NHS Pension and Personal Pension Advice and Planning.

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Independent Advice for Life and Personal Insurance.

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Investments and Savings Help for Medical Professionals.

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We provide independent advice for Medical Professionals and Medical Practices. Our key specialisms are the NHS Pension and Practice and Personal Protection and Insurances.

We are specialists in providing independent financial and insurance advice for Medical Professionals and Practices across the UK. This experience has been gained over many years as an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) and previously working exclusively with Wesleyan, Medical Sickness and BMA Services.


Pension Advice for Medical Professionals

We believe that specialist knowledge of the NHS pension is essential in order to financially plan for any medical professional. As one of the UK's leading experts, we work with local Primary Care Trusts in delivering seminars to NHS professionals about retirement planning and the benefits they are entitled to during their career and at the point of retirement.

Our expertise and experience means we are able to document any relevant changes in the NHS pension and compare equally both internal and external options to boost pension on retirement.

  • NHS Pensions
  • Private Pensions
  • Time to save into a pension...

Planning for the Future

We have in-depth knowledge of the three schemes for General Practioners, NHS Staff and Practitioner Staff and provide bespoke financial planning to maximise the potential of each scheme. Other services include lifetime allowance calculations as well as marrying occupational pensions with private pensions in order to get the most out of both at the point of retirement. As well as working with PCT's, we are also available to work with people on an individual basis or attend practice or hospital meetings, as required.

With recent major changes to the NHS Pension Scheme it’s important for medical professionals to understand the effect of the new reduced annual and lifetime allowance and how new pension legislation fits in your financial plans.

NOTE: Our services do not include "pension transfers and opt-outs", though we are able to offer guidance in these matters.

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Supplementing your Retirement Income

Supplementing the NHS pension scheme with private investments is a popular way for Medical Professionals to improve their regular income in retirement and also take advantage of tax benefits. While there are restrictions around how much an individual can invest in a personal pension, investors can make the most of tax efficient savings and the tax relief rate.

On retirement you are entitled to take a tax free lump sum equating to 25% of your pension fund. It is important to understand that the final value of your pension fund is based not just on contributions made but on the choice and return of investments.

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If you are currently self- employed; you need to be saving for your retirement.

A new study warns that there could be a self-employment pension gap could overwhelm the state pension, increase pensioner poverty and prompt a downward shift in living standards.

Research as shown that there are currently less than a third of self-employed people saving towards their pension even though the government has recently prompted employers to contribute towards their employee’s pension through auto-enrolment. Self employed people fall outside the government’s self-enrolment targets as they are working for themselves and might not necessarily have a guaranteed income to unable them to save regularly.

Protection for Medical Professionals

It’s important to protect your assets and provide your family with financial security. At Approachable Finance Medical we take a broad view in order to offer the best advice about financial protection, which encompasses personal and practice finances. We help clients get the best returns from protection and insurance schemes.

Income Protection | Life Insurance | Health Insurance

Income Protection

NHS sick pay benefits vary based on length of service and type of employment, with a maximum 12-month pay-out period, 6 months of which is at half pay. Income protection policies can be tailored to supplement NHS benefits. For example, after six months of full NHS benefits the policy would allow for increased pay-out to supplement the reduction in NHS benefits, and again after 12-months when the NHS benefits cease.

Life and Health Insurance

The reasons for life and health insurance are obvious; in the event of death or illness provisions have been made to take care of your financial obligations and look after family members. At Approachable Finance we advise medical professionals on the best available terms of cover to fit their requirements. For example, adding health and critical illness cover to an existing life insurance policy may prove the most cost-effective option.

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Investments for Medical Professionals

We advise doctors and medical professionals on a wide range of investment and saving products including ISAs, Unit Trusts and Investment Bonds. Understanding the pros and cons of these types of investments and being able to offer an unbiased opinion on the products available, we are able to tailor investments to meet the investment goals of our clients.

We understand the importance of making your money work for you and offer a free initial consultation on a no obligation basis to get to know you, your finances and your goals.

Portfolio Planning

A rich variety of investment and savings products are available offering opportunity for financial growth. We can offer expert advice on which products are best suited for your investment:

  • ISAs
  • Unit Trusts
  • Investment Bonds
  • Investment Trusts
  • Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)
  • Structured Products
  • Other specialist investment vehicles are available when suitable

Specialist Knowledge

We appreciate healthcare professionals lead busy lives, and finding time to devote to personal wealth management can be difficult. Our experience in the medical sector is valuable to doctors and medical professionals who need help managing investment portfolios.

An all-inclusive approach to medical finances ensures that clients are connected to a wide range of resources, which can provide guidance on finance, accountancy and legal issues.

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