Collective Investments

When investing is is important to remember that your investments can go down as well as up.

Collective Investments:
At a Glance

Collective investments enable individual investors to pool resources with other investors and retain a wide range of stocks and shares that are managed by a professional fund manager.

  • Expert Fund Managers research the market and use their experience to select high-performing funds for investment
  • By spreading your investments across a number of different companies the success of the fund doesn’t rely too heavily on the fortunes of a single entity

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Types of Funds

While the risk to your money is spread, the value of Funds can go down as well as up. At Approachable Finance we help clients understand the potential benefits and risks with tailored investment strategies. There are thousands of investment funds available, generally grouped as follows:

  • OEICs (Open-ended investment companies): OEICs get larger or smaller depending on the number of investors buying or selling shares.
  • Unit Trusts: The amount of money invested is divided up into units. The price and number of units can change based on demand
  • Offshore funds: Any gains are tax exempt and can be reinvested back into the fund without being taxed.

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Monitoring Your Funds

We provide full fund reporting on a regular basis so you can more readily keep track of your investments.